What to do if you have login issues

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What to do if you have login issues

Post by jcrennan »

If you are having login issues at the bottom of the page is a 'Delete All Board Cookie'. click on this and it will reset the cookies and should solve most login issues.

Otherwise if it persists

If you are using Internet Explorer try

Going into Tools -> Internet Options
Then on the General tab there is a Browsing History area click delete
A new window will pop up make sure that History and Cookies are checked
Then click Delete

If you are using Firefox try

Open firefox
Select Tools -> Options
From the options select Privacy
Then click on remove individual cookies
A new window will pop-up
In the search box type afltcc
This will bring up all the cookies associated with the site
Highlight one of the cookies then press Remove Cookie
Repeat the last step until all afltcc cookies are deleted
Close the window then close the options window then close firefox
Open and try and log in again

Let me know how you go or if you have any problems or feel this is too

If this does not work please email me - forums@afltcc.com.au
Please include the following details
Operating system (eg Windows XP, Vista, Mac)
Browser (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
Your username (eg jcrennan)
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