Storing Scanlens 1970 mini posters and 1971 Posters

What are your thoughts on the best way to store and protect your collection
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Storing Scanlens 1970 mini posters and 1971 Posters

Post by jcrennan »

Hi All

I have recently come into quite a few 1970 and 1971 Scanlens Mini-Posters and wondering how other people store these cards.

Current the 1970 mini posters are stored in their original tri-fold which would make them easy to put in a poly sleeve but over more time and a few open and close to see which is which they are likely to wear on the folds.

The 1971 posters are also stored in there original fold shape.

How do others store and also present them for sale, considering I have about 24x 1970 and 17x 1971
John Crennan
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Re: Storing Scanlens 1970 mini posters and 1971 Posters

Post by DemonDave »

mine are in 4up ultra pro pages from memory, in one of my vintage folders somewhere.
Also they would probably fit in ultra Pro 5 x 7 toploaders I believe.

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