2017 Certified -- suspected breakdown

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2017 Certified -- suspected breakdown

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Common cards 220; as usual different players to Footy Stars common base yet different to most insets in this release

Certified 700 (162); 9 players per club; hp players different to common base) 1:3 packs; like the way parallels had different players this year as to common base in series I, this time similar but vice-versa - Lp players on commons and hp players on paras (although technically disqualified as a parallel lol)

All Australian (22); 1:9 packs - back to quater-box inset and to prevent excessive production of insets, no 1:6 nor 1:12 concept this year lol

Rookie Cards (74); 1:18 packs /240 -- same as last year except featuring those from nab draft in 2016 and making first grade debut this season

SCS Signatures (36;) 1:36 packs /240 -- same as last year but all different player never to have signed this concept before

[Award winners - not an inset this year but now a complementary album card concept; 5 as usual]

Certified Quads (36);
1:108 /80 -- new high-end featuring two players per card and two cards per club - one card two forwards - other card two defender - players different to all others from commons and insets of this release
(simiar design to this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2015-NRL-ESP ... Swej1YXuoL
or http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2015-NRL-ESP ... Swo4pYYdQZ_)

MWG concepts - same as last year but:
Adelaide= Brad Crouch; Carlton= Bryce Gibbs; Collwingwood= Sidebottom; Essendon= Joe Deniher; Gold Coast= Tom Lynch; GWS= Toby Greene= Hawthorn= Luke Bruest; Melbourne= Max Gawn; West Coast= Luke Shuey

FF - Brisbane= Daniel Rich or Rockcliffe; Fremantle= Fyfe or Sandilands; Geelong= Selwood or Dangerfie;d; North Melbourne = Goldstien or Ziebell; Port= Robbie Gray; Richmond= Dustin Martin; Saints= Nick Riewolwt; Swans= Buddy or Josh P Kennedy; Western Bullddogs= Marcus Bomtempelli

Premership Redemption as usal case-search card

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