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2010 Herald Sun Release info

Post by jcrennan »

The herald sun has released their 2010 set of AFL football cards starting Monday 19th April with a free album and of Tuesday 20th April with a free pack of cards. After that they will be $2.00 per pack with purchases of the Herald Sun.

The release looks very similar to the 2009 set with Sharp Shooters, Best and Fairest and Mark Knights All Star cards. This year however they have included a team mascot tattoo in every pack, something the kids will love.

This set is popular with all ages and many parents and grandparents putting sets together for the children and grand children have and look back on in future years. What makes this set so popular is they are available through all outlets where the Herald Sun can be purchased through Victoria and in the past people are happy they have ended up with a complete set of the base set.

Many people who only collect this set can sometimes get confused that when purchasing the packs that they also dont end up with a complete set of the best and fairest of sharp shooter cards, not fully understanding the concept of the inserts that they are only inserted randomly and to complete the set you either need to buy additional packs, trade with friends or buy the additional cards from hobby shops.

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